Innovative suppliers to the manufacturing sector.

Hurst Green Plastics

We design, manufacture and install a variety of unique and innovative storage and dispensing solutions!

Home of the Queen’s Award winning products, the TwinBin, FlagBin and TripFlag kanban dispensers, the BinFlag stock indicator and various kitting solutions.

TwinBin two bin system         Take off with TwinBin

All systems help save Time, Money and Effort associated with stock and inventory management.

Save waste, reduce costs, increase efficiency and  gain complete control of your stock and inventory!

Our products are used in all industries from Aerospace & Rail, through to Medical and Hospital Ward storage.

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The TwinBin system is a unique KanBan storage dispenser, and has two compartments for each bin providing for a easy-to-use kanban system.

The BinFlag dispenser is a very simple yet visual stock indicator which can be used on any type of existing storage bin or drawer or cabinet.

We also manufacture 4 different types of kitting systems to allow you to store, transport and use your parts in a clean, robust and environmentally friendly way!

We hope you like our systems, and look forward to hearing from you!