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SICK – Sensor intelligence

SICK industrial sensors – enabling Lean manufacture and delivering customer satisfaction


SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety and automatic identication systems. Our high quality products range from simple sensors to complex 3D camera technology.

The manufacturing process depends upon sensing and safety measures to ensure:

  • Efficient Productivity
  • Quality
  • Workers safety

Throughout the value chain, SICK sensing technology contributes to Lean Factory.

Manufacturing Process

SICK Sensor solutions are deployed in many and varied quality control applications where reliable defect detection is critical to product performance and safety.  The automation in the process directly affects overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and can signicantly reduce change-over time in batch production.

Fast Changeover

Measurement sensors are ideal for checking dimensions and position of a work piece or product. A change in the production batch is greatly assisted by using intelligent sensors connected to IO Link.

Quality Control Error ProofingP2L-with-man-IM0023401

The production process can also be optimized by reducing the possibility of mistakes in part selection and assembly.

Identifying the work piece correctly using Pick to Light sensor grids will allow the operator to quickly and accurately select the correct parts to be assembled, and can also aid stock control.

Zero defects – 100% Inspection

SICK vision systems and vision sensors can be used to check the physical aspects of the product.

  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Orientation
  • Dimension

Quick and simple to use, vision based sensor technology can be used for print and pattern checking.

Safety in the work placeC4000-micro-graphic-IM0022034

SICK provide a range of services and equipment to reduce risk of harm and at the same time maintain or even increase productivity.

The SICK safety laser scanner allows AGV’s to travel at greater speed, whilst safely avoiding collisions, increasing overall capacity with the same asset.

The integrated light curtain protects operators and increases productivity at hand feed machine tools by increasing cycle time.

Access protection allows free ow of goods about the factory but limits personnel accessing restricted or hazardous areas.

Keeping track<Handheld-on-circuit-IM0013857

Modern production philosophies such as Lean require fast and accurate tracking throughout the value chain.

  • Supplier
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Distribution
  • Customer

Identification also plays an important role in brand protection and ‘right product, right part’ requirements that ensure compliance and enchance the logistics of the enterprise.

There are various techniques:

  • RFid – suitable for closed loop identi-cation of tote boxes and production skids
  • 2D – Data matrix for small part identification, high density of data and ideal for direct part marking.
  • Barcode reading – Hand-held and fixed position code readers

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