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Fantastic day, very informative. Thank youTidal Energy Ltd

Wakefield Seminar - April 2015

Excellent Seminar Boulting Group PLC

Newport Seminar - July 2015

Keep doing what you are doing! Very informative and interestingBlue Power Energy

Dublin Seminar - April 2016

I’d just like to say thank you so much for providing the Dublin Tour that I sent some employees on.

The feedback I have had is fantastic and it really has had significant influence on them, to the point that they are now bringing process improvement initiatives to me!

What a wonderful opportunity your team offer. The content covered in the tour and the method to which this was delivered is both unique and rare. In an ideal world all manufacturing employees should be enrolled!

I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank yourself and your team, your work is very much appreciated and an absolute credit!Medusa Holdings


Dublin Seminar - April 2016

Very enjoyable and well presentedHartridge Ltd

Uxbridge - December 2015

Very enjoyable, thanksBurkert Fluid Controls

Newport Seminar - July 2015

Good explanation of all new technology for Lean manufacturing. Looked after delegates well – Gestamp UK

Newport Seminar - July 2015

Very good, enjoyable workshop Cargotec

Dublin Seminar - April 2016